CVs to beat the trap


You have experience and qualifications. This is a plus. Every job advert seems to want that. You may not be privileged to work in a renowned company that each recruiter would be excited to poach from. In fact, your employers may be little known but your work is credible.

You have a CV – most likely a storyteller CV. Dates and titles are clear but what capabilities you have built is not clear. This leaves you vulnerable to the judgment of the prospect employer – and a recruiter who is a human being (prone to errors of biases, emotions, and lack of concentration). If not lucky your CV will be checked against the JD by a computer program.

You are probably an ambitious and enthusiastic graduate with a CV that does not point to what your energy and drive can steer you to.

Our CV review process is market-driven. We strive to captivate the prospect employer and demystify the fuss about seeking titles and names of reputable employers to assessing competencies and potential.

Be smart! It’s your career.

Get your CV reviewed by us. Your CV will come with an application letter.


It depends on years of experience.

1. 0-3 years Kshs 2,000

2. 4-7 years Kshs 3,000

3. Over 7 yrs Kshs 5,000

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