Tax Advisory

Accounting for Tax Returns:

In this workshop, you will be introduced to Kenyan tax structure including VAT, PAYE, Withholding Taxes, Corporate tax. Practical filing in iTax will also be handled. The course also covers all statutory deductions including; NHIF, NSSF, HELB, Catering levy & NITA. You will also be taken through Accounting and book keeping for these taxes.
  • PAYE
      Brief PAYE theory
    • Definition: Employer Vs Employee
    • Responsibilities under the Act
    • Important Dates
    • Tax reliefs
    • Allowable deductions
      Accounting for PAYE
    • PAYE T accounts
    • Journal entries
      Filing of returns through iTax
    • Uploading Data to iTax
    • Payment of PAYE tax Liability
  • VAT
      VAT Theory
    • Registration
    • VAT Rates
    • Important VAT Dates
    • Record Keeping for VAT purposes
    • Filing and payment for VAT
    • Withholding VAT
    • De-registration of VAT
    • Sources of Income subject to Withholding Tax
    • Rates applicable to residents and non-Residents
    • Accounting for Withholding Tax
    • Filing and payment for withholding Tax
  • NHIF
    • Brief Theory about NHIF
    • Important dates
    • Accounting for NHIF
    • Filing and Payment of NHIF Dues
  • NSSF
    • Brief Theory about NSSF
    • Old vs New NSSF rates
    • Important dates
    • Accounting for NSSF
    • Filing of NSSF returns
    • Payment of NSSF dues
Emerging Issues in Taxation