Fast Track to Practical Accounting Training

The Problem:

After achieving your Accounting qualifications, one expects to get their dream job or rather an appropriate internship to apply the skills learnt in college. Unfortunately, more often than not, this doesn't happen. Getting into highly lucrative job market requires extensive hands on experience in addition to your hard earned qualifications. This is not only frustrating but also makes Accountants end up seeking alternative employment opportunities which they never dreamt of. Furthermore, most employers, shy from training since it expensive and its time consuming. They would rather hire an employee that will hit the ground running with work. This is the problem! What then is the solution?

The Solution:

The good news is that K&A, with its vast experienced staff portfolio, has designed a training specifically for you. Just what you need; to be up to speed with practical Accounting and emerging issues in the field. The training will ensure that you get hands on experience in key areas of Accounting so that you can have the confidence and the track record to handle your dream job.

The core areas of our trainings are:

Computerised Accounting for Business:
Designed for candidates that are new to Book-keeping and Management Accounts environment. This 4 days course will introduce you to double entry book keeping, books of prime entry, accruals and prepayments, accounting, extraction of trial balance and preparation of financial statements and introduction to QuickBooks. The course is structured around "Mastering Accounting Skills"

Cashflow, Budgeting and forecasting:
Cash Flow, Budgeting and Forecasting aims to enable candidate to prepare accurate budgets and up to date forecasts for the activities of your business, charity or community group.

Statutory Accounts Requirements and Preparation:
Statutory Accounts Requirements and Preparation aims to provide candidate with a simple form of accounts that comply with all financial requirements, yet is user friendly and easy to understand.

Computerised Payroll for Business:
The Practical Training in Computerised Payroll is intended for candidates that are new to Payroll.

Excel Essentials:
This one-day course will cover using lists in Excel, Pivot Tables, common sizing, scenarios, built-in functions, formulas, linking sheets, use of Excel in conjunction with QuickBooks and Sage.

Complete Accounting Cycle-Case Study:
In this case study the leaner will enter all the information for an actual company into Sage or Quickbooks and then complete annual accounts and tax return.

Course Practice:
Any student who has enrolled on any of the course offered by K&A can come and practice the material covered for as long as resources are available and free. Mentoring and follow up will also done to all who enrol with us.

Candidates are provided with high quality training and hands on practical experience with 100% success. Training courses are also available which also help participants with non-technical but important skills such as interviewing and presentation.

After completion of the training, delegates will be able to prepare accounts and complete tax returns for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. In addition, they will be able to use QuickBooks software.

Fresh Accounting graduates, Accountants doing other jobs rather than accounting and Entrepreneurs