Budget Implementation, Monitoring, Management, and Control Training

Achievement of a company's goals calls for best practices in budgeting. The leadership of a company must have the requisite skills and knowledge to prepare, implement and control their budgets. The extent by which the budgeting process is successful is greatly dependent on its acceptance and attitude of people towards it. This Training seeks to arm managers and all those people involved in the budgeting process with the relevant skills. These skills-will' enable them to be productively involved in the Budgeting process; to manage the human aspect of budgeting and to ensure that companies get the most benefits out of the budgeting process.

Target Audience
Heads of Departments, Heads of Sections. All managers, Supervisors, All Budget Holders, Finance Officers, Planning Accountants, Reporting Accountants.

Course Content
      1. Budget v/s Business Plans vs Strategy
      2. Budgeting Process- Best Practice
      3. Behavioral aspect of budgeting
      4. Budget Control Environment
      5. Budgetary Control and Responsibility Centers
      6. Responsibility and Accountability for Budget Holders
      7. Monthly Monitoring and Implementation Tools
      8. Intervention Measures - Revenues, Costs
      9. Organizational Support for attainment of the Budget
      10. Managing subsequent Business activities to achieve budgeted results