Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel for Data Analysis and Reporting

Mastery of MS Excel is a must have skill for modern professionals and a key to their career growth.
Learning to excel in Excel is a great career move!

Excel is a tried and true resource for d to insights and analysis, crunching of numbers and compiling of non-numerical data-Since its debut in 1985, Excel continues to be a tool of choice throughout the accounting and finance field.

What is in There For Me?
Excel is used for analyzing data, managing budgets, forecasting and modelling financial performance a staple of business today. Excel is used everywhere you look in the business world. Especially where people work with numbers like; Marketing, Business development, sales, Procurement, Human Resources management and Yes, Finance. Indeed, excel is the most used software in the business world!

The Package
  • Navigating and customizing Excel Environment
  • Excel power Shortcuts
  • Collaborating and Interface with other systems
  • Data Validation and Mastering Ranges
  • Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions
  • Excel visual reporting; Charts and Graphs
  • Pivot Tables and Charts
  • Macros and VBA
  • Excel data Analysis Modelling and forecasting
  • Excel Add-ons

Our course is delivered in a highly interactive and practical method. We undertake Individual and Group and Individual Training

The Call?
Do you want to be more efficient and the best in your work?
Do you want to be more employable?
Do you want to boost your career and get that promotion?